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Microfiber Full Zip Fleece - 10 Years
Wooden Picnic Table - 15 Years
Binoculars - 20 Years

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Congratulations on achieving a milestone anniversary with Monroe Veterinary Associates. In recognition of this achievement, I invite you to select your service anniversary award.

MVA is proud to have so many loyal, long-term members of our team. Thank you for your years of service and commitment.

Sincerely, Paul R. Black, DVM President, Monroe Veterinary Associates

Please click above on your Years of Service and select One Item.

Please include all information requested, as this will be used to verify the data on file, as well as contact you if we have any questions regarding your order.

Any questions, or comments regarding this program,
please contact Christine DiNottia.



Top Picks
Salsberg Canister - 25 Years
Womens Techno 3 in 1 Jacket - 30 Years
Kodak Camera - 35 Years
Park Ave Mens Leather Jacket - 40 Years