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You will find information here on sourcing and Buying

Promotional Products, Premiums, Incentives, Service Awards.

Recognition Items including Awards, Gifts, Trophies,

Embroidery and Embroidered Clothing, Hats, Engraved Items, Namebadges,

and Screen Printed Items. Also ideas and thoughts from this industry & how it may change. 

You Get What You Pay For.

As true as this saying is, many people and companies still buy on price alone. The problem is in order to provide quality dependable customer service, you need to hire, train and pay well for an individual who cares about you and your order. Not only this order but all future business. It sure is nice to be able to speak to someone in your own country and know they will be there to make sure your order arrives on time or ahead of schedule, and that the imprint is not only correct but right side up. The color selected is correct, and the recipients name(s) are spelled correctly.

There are many individuals selling out of the trunks of their cars. What happens when that one individual who saved you money, goes on vacation or his car breaks down? With a well established company this is not an issue. There is always experienced personnel available to assist with your Recogniton Requirements.

Our Idea Showroom and Customer Service Group offers thousands of suggestions for your next event, presentation, outing or group gathering. This part of our service is Free.

Ad Specialties on MSNBC


MSNBC featured a segment about advertising specialties on the Your Business show.  ASI featured seven products, including anti-microbial markers, pill cases for dogs and customized paper clips in the shapes of trucks, apples and light bulbs. 

Over $22 Billion in Promotional Products Sales including Embroidery on Clothing in 2015.

Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) released results of its annual advertising specialty industry sales analysis, indicating revenues topped $19.6 billion in 2011.

Spending on advertising specialties was almost twice as large as Internet display advertising, nearly five times greater than outdoor advertising and more than cable TV advertising* for the same period and outpaced the 3.4% growth rate for the United States GDP.

The exclusive annual analysis, conducted by ASI, shows that growth in 2011 was driven by increased interest from businesses in using advertising specialties as an alternative to other forms of advertising and as an integral part of their marketing campaigns. 

Considering the above dollar amount, it always amazes me when someone calls our products "trinkets and trash". Our industry has been built by dedicated professionals who do not deserve this negative connotation. Look around your office, home, car, boat and see how many items have your company name on them or names of products that you own. Advertising specialties, imprinted promotional products, service awards, recognition items, embroidered shirts, screen printed merchandise, engraved trophies, desk items, coffee mugs, pens and thousands more products used, cherished and appreciated.

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